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401k Presentation

The “Paychex Employee Access Guide” shows employees how to download the Paychex Flex Mobile App.  This app is a great way for employees to access information on their retirement account, and can also be used for other Paychex benefits, tax documents, and payroll information. 


The “401(k) Quick Enrollment Guide” is a step by step job aid showing employees how to enroll, change auto enrollment pre-selected options, and make changes to their deferrals and investments.  As a reminder, Paychex Flex allows users the ability to access their information on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.


Additionally, the following videos might be helpful as well:

Retirement Services Quick Enrollment

Paychex Participant Portal Demo


As a reminder, the advisory team at Excel Wealth Management is available for ongoing support of the plan.  Some of the things they can assist with are:

·         Questions regarding plan changes or new features

·         Helping participants understand their appropriate risk tolerance and asset allocation 

·         How to roll previous employer’s plans into their Paychex 401(k) and distribution options

·         Any other financial planning needs

Excel Wealth Management Team

Phone:  (888) 929-9920


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