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About Us

Our Company's Purpose is “to build the Ultimate Mercedes Sprinter”.

And we continually strive to make every Sprinter we build better than our last.

Because we know that the Ultimate Mercedes Sprinter isn’t a Destination, but a Journey.

In 2004, we started a transportation company that quickly grew to over 30 vehicles that serviced the entire state of Florida. During this time, we bought limos from just about every coach manufacturer in the country. But the limos wouldn’t hold up for more than a year of heavy use.

In 2013, we decided to build our own limos that would surpass, in every way, every limo we’ve purchased. We improved greatly with each build, & soon we was getting requests from other transportation companies to build limos for them.

That’s when Clean Ride Customs was born. Since that day we’ve focused all our efforts on building the Ultimate Mercedes Sprinter.


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Rita Quinlan

Clean Ride Customs did an amazing job using their expertise in creating unique limos to customize our Mercedes Sprinter for our son who's quadriplegic. They were creative, caring, considerate, and meticulous in their attention to all the details to make it perfect. His life has become so much better thanks to Clean Ride Customs. Thanks so much Bob and all the Family there!